The Stake Kenya Savings & Credit Co-operatives Society LTD was registered on 14th.July 1994 registration number 7221. The Sacco started with a membership of 58 members.

STAKE KENYA SAVINGS & CREDIT CO-OPERATIVE SACCO SOCIETY LTD has a membership of 4548 Membership is drawn from all over the republic of Kenya.

The Sacco is managed through delegates system from nine electoral zones
Each electoral zone elects 5 delegates out of whom one is elected to the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors comprises of 12 BOD members out of whom 3 are the supervisory committee. STAKE KENYA SAVINGS & CREDIT CO-OPERATIVE SACCO SOCIETY LTD has eleven employees headed by the C.E.O.
Stake Kenya Savings & Credit Sacco Society LTD has two branches:
1. Kehancha Branch- HEAD OFFICE
2. Ntimaru Branch.


Bosa means back office saving activity, it is the mother activity of the sacco.


Purchase of minimum class A shares of Kshs. 10,000
Un withdrawal deposits of monthly of Ksh. 1,500


Front Office saving activity. Offering banking services

Conditions of Membership

1. Fill application form
2. Should be a Kenya citizen
3. ID card photocopy
4. 2 colour passport size photos
5. Entrace Fee of Kshs. 500
6. Should be of sound Mind                     

Other Savings Account

1. Junior Account
2. Christmas account
3. School fees account
4. Emergency account
5. Coffee development fund account
6. Youth enterprise account
7. Micro credit account

Other services

1. Salary pay point
2. Cheque clearance
3. Bank Cheque
4. ATM Visa card
5. Custodian of valuable terms
6. QueueFree Mobile banking (QFS)(S-Pesa)


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